The Central Library of Trivenidevi Bhalotia College, Raniganj is the proud owner of a collection of some rare and original manuscripts. The manuscripts are of a variety of significant ancient Indian texts, namely, the Mahabharata by Kashiram Das, the Ramayana by Krittibas, the Gitagovindam by Joydeb, etc. The manuscripts are all written in Devanagari script. These priceless manuscripts have been collected over the years from different sources. The manuscripts are of a weighty literary value. These are one of the chief assets of the library as well as college. To preserve this artifice for posterity, the library has taken various necessary measures to make sure the manuscripts are well-preserved and well-maintained. From time to time, the library inspects the manuscripts to save them from any sort of damage. By preserving these manuscripts, the library plays an important role in the preservation of Indian cultural and literary legacy. As these manuscripts come under the category of rare collection, they are not open for public use. The manuscripts can be accessed only after the permission of the librarian.