The College follows the upgraded Syllabus with LOCF (Learning Outcomes based Curriculum Framework) which is multidisciplinary and offers a holistic education across the disciplines of science, social science and humanities that ensures the unity and integrity of knowledge. The multidisciplinary aspect is now offered in a limited scope with preparations for greater facilitation of interdisciplinary courses.
The institution took the initiative to initiate the process of registering on NAD DigiLocker, but we have been officially informed that this is applicable only for the academic institutions those have issued any type of academic awards to their students need to register on NAD/ABC. So the question of ABC registration does not arise in our case.
All the 6 semesters of Honours and Program Courses have 1 or 2 Skill Enhancement Courses (SEC) in all the 3 streams of Science, Humanities and Commerce.
The syllabus ensures a holistic integration of the Indian knowledge of languages, where all students of Humanities, Science and Commerce, study Modern Indian Languages ( MIL) such as Hindi, Bengali and Urdu as one of the compulsory courses. Besides this, one Honours and one Program course are offered in Sanskrit. During the Pandemic period, these were taught through the college portal (Online mode).
The syllabus and curriculum of all courses of the college, aims to enhance the quality of the Higher Education and thereby encouraging the students to achieve the best skills and knowledge. Regular evaluations attempts to correlate the outcome with the input of knowledge for a sustainable development of the education of the students.
Online mode of education and evaluation was regularly conducted during the Pandemic years. The college has a web portal dedicated to online higher education. It is used by teachers to upload video lectures, study materials, conduct online classes, upload assignments and multiple-choice questions for evaluation.
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